Want to boost your sales? How about getting the right traffic.


The goal for every business is to increase its service reach, products and acquire new customers, ultimately leading to more sales. More accessible a business is, more be the chances of acquisitions and profits.

Many businesses have already been benefited from increasing reach and engagement but still there are some such businesses which still are lagging behind even after executing best marketing techniques and plans to increase reach and  encourage engagement.


So what went wrong?

Customers, they are the basics of every business. They decide profits and losses of a business, that’s why customer centricity is one of the basics for running a business.

And for a customer centric business, they need to be aware about their customer.

By knowing customers, business can easily find out strategies, change processes and tactics which matches the requirement of customers. May be the customers are the reason behind it.

Customers, may be customers who are you base or are targeted via ads and other marketing channels are not relevant. An ideal customer is the customers which is most relevant to a business. Your business may lack ideal customers.

How relevant your product or service to the customer can be understood by an example where a baby is using mobile phone.

Yes babies can use mobiles but are they really for babies, no, a mobile phone is ideal for adults who need to communicate with each other.
Same can be the case with your business. Products which are consumed by your customers might not be relevant or vice versa. In-order to cope with this situation, knowing about your customers is important.


How to identify customers type?

For offline businesses, surveys are the best option to gather information about your customers and choices.

Ask questions according related to product.

For online businesses, identity management solutions is one of the many best solution which can help in identifying your customer type as well as manage identities.
This is how you can also get right traffic as well as boost sales.

Pushing quality customers to different marketing channels

user engagement tips

Marketing these days is not limited to particular strategies or methods, scope for marketing channels has grown in past few years.

This is because of technology which is constantly changing with time and surroundings. People few years back used to hesitate to use video calling but now everyone is upto video calling.

Businesses also have adopted video calling to their core. They can now have conferences without physically being present at the venue. This saved time and lots of resources and yes, most important of everything, money.

With adoption of something new and beneficial, changes processes and ecosystem of business, that’s the way marketing got influenced and is constantly changing with technology.

Every time when we talk about marketing, our main motive is to get quality visitors who are highly potent and will definitely convert. So in order to drive quality leads, proper marketing has to be done to ensure maximum quality leads.

A customer identity platform can help in working as add-on to marketing efforts. A customer identity platform is very much efficient of managing and maintaining customer registrations of large scale. Along with managing it also generates customer insights which are very much beneficial for marketing.

Customer insights are just like knowing customers in person. It gives in depth overview about a customer and according to that overview, customers can be grouped and analyzed.

With analysis businesses can know about their customers according to different criteria, whether they fit in their ideal customers or not.

Along with that, additional data can also be used for research and product development purposes.

Once the data is gathered, businesses can implement the data to push ideal customers instead of just customers to their marketing channels and spend less time in brainstorming and sorting out different customer type.

Once businesses know who really they are serving, they can easily adapt according to customers and serve them well.

How to Decrease Bounce Rates on your site: 5 Insightful Tips


Bounce rates are one of the metrics which tell you how popular your site is, how many people visit your blog or website and stay there, how attractive and compelling site and content is to them.
If a visitor bounces, then there is a probability of him not finding what he was looking for or the page or site wasn’t user friendly.

Below we will be discussing some of the insightful tips for decreasing bounce rates.

  1. Quality Content: Every expert will tell about creating a quality content but it is up to the person writing on how resourceful content is with respect to topic. It is impossible to satisfy every visitor’s need, just like every customer in a supermarket, all have different requirements.
  2. Make it sharable: After writing a content, it is mandatory to provide a convenience for visitors to share that content. Social share plugins are one of the best ways to provide this functionality. Especially for wordpress social sharing is very easy, just search in plugin directory and install in one click. For other cms’s one has to manually download plugins and then upload it via admin panel.
  3. Attract the right audience: As I mentioned earlier, it is impossible to satisfy every visitor, so make sure you attract visitors which are most relevant to your website. With the help of keyword planner tool choose the right keywords for audience, while writing content. Don’t force too much of keywords as it might get you penalized.
  4. User Friendly Layout: Website design should be clean, with minimalistic ads and javascripts. Some of the webmasters fill every gap of website with content, which is relevant but makes website too much cluttered. It is a best practice to prioritise content based on searches and website.
  5. Website Loading Speed: If your website loads very slow then it is obvious of your visitors to leave without even looking at your site. Use compressed images, if possible use less of images, use text along with css animations instead of flash animations.

I hope these tips will help you in decreasing bounce rates of your website.

Customer Retention Tips for businesses

Customer Retention
Customer Retention

Relying only on very few customers can leave a business vulnerable. Losing just one customer  could mean huge crisis. By consistently focusing on ideas to boost  business, one can reduce risk of failure and can grow business in a sustainable way.

Here are few tips to help businesses to sustain.

  1. Know your customer: It is very essential to know your customer perfectly. Knowing your customer is the key to great sales, customer satisfaction and reputation management.
    In previous times shopkeepers used to know their customers by face and they knew everyone’s preferences.
    But now it is not possible to physically know every customers in business as customers can be many, millions or billions. To cope up with this situation  a Cloud Identity management platform/solution is necessary to implement.
    What it does is that it manages identities of users who get registered on an website. It stores them in secure environment and generates insights out of them.
    Generated insights are on basis of customer’s likes and preferences. There is a set of 600 data points which is used to generate insights.
    These insights are just like knowing your customers in real. Based on generated insights, businesses can separate their customers according to their business requirements .
  2. Give incentives to existing customers: Existing customers which are loyal to your brand need to be shown their value to the company in form of incentives or discounts or personalized offers. It is one of the best ways to say thanks to them. Customers too love such gestures from businesses.
    This also helps in acquiring new customers. Seeing such loyalty from business’s side attracts new customers.
    Offering discounts to existing customers makes them feel special , if the discounts are personalized, it adds up to a positive customer satisfaction

Retention of customers is easy. It’s just the ways a business choose to retain them.


PS: If you are an marketing fellow, do have a look at tips for using google spreadsheets as it’s the trend now between popular marketeers.

How Single Sign-On Doubles User Experience?

user experience

User experience” or UX – a word with a lot of meaning. Like we need oxygen to survive, similarly if a business wants to survive then UX is an important factor. If you have an online business then you need to pay special attention to the experience that you are offering to your users. The importance of user experience is more for online businesses because unlike normal businesses you do not know customers physical identities. Only thing you know about them is the digital identities that is provided by them while authenticating to the website. But it is not hundred percent real and accurate. Most of the time users fill fake information and also they use different ID’s to login to the websites. This misleads businesses in a wrong direction. That ultimately affects the user experience. Therefore, to improve user experience it is very important for a business to know about the customer.

Here I am going to explain how single sign-on method helps you to know about the real identity of a user and helps you to double user experience.

Single Sign-On is a method that troubleshoots the problem associated with the multiple website login of the same organization. User can login to the websites of a business using one ID credentials if the websites are deployed with single sign-on solution.

How it doubles user experience?

By eliminating the need of creating separate passwords and usernames for each website, it removes the fear of remembering passwords. Users only need one set of ID credentials. The solution saves users time by providing a simple and quick approach of website login. With just one click of the mouse user can login to dozens of associated websites. User can use his time knowing more about the  websites instead of login to website every time. SSO solution is also highly secured, it is considered as one of the best and safest user authentication method.

Thus we see that single sign-on is a  complete solution for a business that wants to keep users data secure, provide them an easy way of website login, saves their precious time and saves them from passwords. No doubt, all the factors definitely doubles user experience for the customers.

Why are Businesses Adopting Single Sign-On?

Do you know how your users are logging in to your business websites? Are they registering themselves by filling long forms or by email verification? No matter out of which way, both these methods are today outdated. It is very difficult for users to login to each of your website and verified themselves separately because the process is very long and frustrating. But the question is how businesses can avoid the situation and save their users? Single sign-on tool is the solution to all the questions. This method allows users to access multiple web services and applications of an organization using a username and password. That means they do not need to authenticate themselves again and again on each related website.

single sign-on, sso solution

Here are some reasons why businesses are adopting the technology at a faster rate.

Reduces help desk cost:

No doubt, SSO helps users to remember only one set of credentials but how it reduces help desk cost? According to a report by Gartner, around 50 percent of support calls are related to requests for password reset. Obviously, less password reset requests you have, less support help desk cost will get.

Improves User Experience:

Single sign-on (SSO) is designed to enhance the experience of users by making the complex web authentication process simple and quick.  A user-friendly website login is very important because it is the first place where the interaction between users and your website takes place. If you want that users to be your customers then it is very important to provide them the best experience from the beginning.

Boost Productivity:

If your users or employees have a number of passwords to remember and need to enter each time to access any web service, then it is natural for them to forget passwords. It reduces the productivity because users need to focus more on remembering passwords. By removing the fear of forgetting passwords, SSO technology improves user’s productivity. Now, they can focus more on their core work instead of remembering passwords.

These are some of the main reasons why implementing single sign-on is on high priority for businesses. After all providing great user experience, easy web login, making more profit  etc. are the ultimate goal of any business.


Social Media Calls to Action

Social media is one of the most important factors to show cast your business. It can drive great traffic to your website. Check out the interesting infographics to know about the power of social media and how it drives traffic to your business website.

social media