April fool day pranks for co-workers!

April fool’s day is right at the corner, a perfect time to play funny tricks on your colleagues. Well for this mischievous day don’t stick to the old traditional jokes, and come up with some new plans that will keep them laughing all year long.

So if you want to hold the title of best prankster this year, Try out some of my new tricks to celebrate this amazing days at your office.

Here is a list of some cool  office April fool pranks that you can do without much efforts. Try them out and let me know the responses in the comments below.

Replace your mate’s favorite things into miniature versions!

Remember those Tom and Jerry episodes with tiny little cute objects, aren’t they? Now imagine your desk covered with such cute objects. It may be your computer, your on to go makeup kit or even your lunchbox. You can get miniature versions of these objects at your nearby store at very reasonable prices. So replace everything on the desk of your co-worker into their miniature versions. Even you can replace the desk into a smaller version and see the amusing reaction of your friend.

office pranks

Create word shortcuts so that they can not chat properly all day long!

This prank can be easily carried out on them who are not so much into technology. Just create some word shortcuts for their keypad. So that every time when they write “hey, what’s up, the” they will automatically convert into some wild phrase that you probably don’t think of.

Use your colleagues phone number for a contest

Announce some funny contest in your office and put up some flyers for that with the number of your colleague as a contact. To make sure people would call in, add a reward also.

Take them to a hunt to find their missing belongings

Trust me, you could keep doing this for as long as you stay in your office. Hide your mate’s dearest belonging to some place and give them clues that lead them to their belongings. For fun you can add some clues that lead them to the same place again and again. Interesting isn’t it?

The holiday prank

Do you remember someone is asking for vacations but he couldn’t go out. So April day is the day to give him a vacation feel at office only by covering his place with his favorite vacation theme like a beach theme, jungle theme or many other.

So these are some good to go office prank for this April fool day. So just try them and have fun.

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