Best SEO blogs: Top sources to stay up to date!

May 22, 2017

To always stay ahead of your competitor, it is essential to know what they are doing, what marketing trends they are following, what new strategies they are implementing and many other such things. Internet is full of such trends and all it requires is a skillful hand in research to stay up to date with these latest market updates. But wait, how about we provide you a list of all…


Year 2017 cheat sheet for Social Media!

May 22, 2017

In the ever busy schedule of ours, its very important to know how one should go with the big social media network. hence we kept your requirement in mind and presented you with an infographic which is actually a cheat sheet that let you know your behavior on social media.


web sso: Advanced authentication and security for multiple websites

May 9, 2017

People are very concerned about security of their property like vehicle, home, phone etc. so why not concentrate on security of your websites. Today data is a very precious thing on internet and anyone can cross extent to get it. Mostly data include user credentials which are combination of username and password, sometimes it is email address and password. Passwords are a layer between the resources and the user.  Websites…


Reddit tips to encourage more traffic to your Blogs!

May 3, 2017

Reddit is the one of the best and fastest growing social platforms of all time yet few people are get the best out of this social platform. The elevated snarkiness, non-delivering OPs and other rules gives many users a chance to leave my favorite platform for marketing my brand. Well, it can be your favorite ground for marketing your goods. Want to know how? Here are some simple rules which…


How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

email signature
April 24, 2017

  We form an opinion about emails on the behalf of their subject lines. We easily decide which emails we need to open and which emails we need not to. Or it can be said that we open emails which attract our attention with their awesome email subject lines. Hence, it can be said that emails subject lines are a very necessary part of email structure. Well, it’ always said…


Some incredibly useful things that you can do with Google search Bar!

google search
April 12, 2017

Most of us consider Google as a mere search engine. You just land on its home page, type in your search terms and voila- you get the results. But have you ever thought what capabilities it holds behind its simple and plain interface? Today Google is your teacher, assistant, knowledge archive and I don’t know what more than a simple search engine. Basically, it collects data from all over the…


Gmail hacks for increased productivity!

gmail hacks
April 4, 2017

Exchange of emails is our daily routine. Have you ever thought how much time you generally spend in that exchange procedure just to streamline your daily routine? Yes, you merely gave it a single thought but it takes time and this time span gets stretched if your inbox is cluttered and not managed properly. So to save yourself some precious time, here are some of my Gmail hacks that I’ve…


April fool day pranks for co-workers!

office pranks
March 29, 2017

April fool’s day is right at the corner, a perfect time to play funny tricks on your colleagues. Well for this mischievous day don’t stick to the old traditional jokes, and come up with some new plans that will keep them laughing all year long. So if you want to hold the title of best prankster this year, Try out some of my new tricks to celebrate this amazing days…