Best SEO blogs: Top sources to stay up to date!

To always stay ahead of your competitor, it is essential to know what they are doing, what marketing trends they are following, what new strategies they are implementing and many other such things. Internet is full of such trends and all it requires is a skillful hand in research to stay up to date with these latest market updates.

But wait, how about we provide you a list of all such bloggers who regularly write about the latest SEO and marketing changes in the market that too with an in depth research? 

Amazing, isn’t it? So just dive yourself into this big list of top seo blogs and pick one for your future reference.


The Google Blog!

It is Google’s official blog that can never get old. Who else can be more updated and fresh other than Google itself. It is always correct and directly covers the latest news from Google. But sadly they don’t give you any tips to train you on certain topic. For that you have to look for other bloggers.

Search Engine Watch!

This blog is probably the very first blog after Google to break a certain news. This is considered as one of the main blogs for SEO in the market. It updates its blog very frequently and a bit more information to every news it publish.



Well, a blog full of data and metrics. They also publish detailed posts related to other subjects as well besides just SEO. And I must say, all the posts they cover are incredible and cover almost every angle of a topic. So if you are looking for a complete study on any topic, do not forget to hover your mouse over this blog.



This blog is to clear your mind on the thought “what it means to you” related to SEO. It not only gives you the latest news but also lets you know the steps and tools helpful to implement that news on your business website.



Although it doesn’t publish as frequently as others but nearly every post is excellent. The material they cover is highly unique and the insights given by the writers are tremendous. I must say I am highly impressed by the efforts they put in.

So these are some of my most favorite blogs I read on a daily basis to keep me updated. Who is there in your list? Let me know via the comments below.


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