How to make a WordPress website social friendly the easy way

July 11, 2017

WordPress is one of the most used CMS by bloggers and web developers. It has emerged to become an all rounder CMS by perfectly fitting into mold of a blogging platform as well as web development platform. Social friendly is the need of today. Most of the visitors on the internet are also on social media, one or other way, and demands social media integration to most of the things…


Tips n tricks to follow for beginners to optimize wordpress website speed

June 28, 2017

Website Speed is one of the factors which decides traffic and conversion on a website. To be honest, wordpress is not optimized for speed but is very user friendly and customizable. ┬áThat what makes it very popular. In wordpress speed decreases with increase number of plugins and theme type. In initial stages, newbies do not face any difficulty while updating website but with time site becomes slow because of junk…