Customer Experience and Single Sign-On

Are you an entrepreneur? Yes! Do you know what your customers are talking about your brand and what is the quality of service they are getting? If your answer is no, then my friend you are in big trouble. You need to be a little bit active while dealing with your customers. You need to take special attention on the quality of service that you are offering to your customers.

Keep one thing in mind, customer service is directly proportional to the sales and profit. The importance of customer service become more when your business is based online. That means when you are dealing your customers on the internet. You don’t know them physically, you know them only through their digital identity. So it is very important for a business to keep their customer’s digital identity safe and secure from identity theft.

Here I am going to tell you about a technology  “Single Sign-On”  that not only helps you to keep your customer’s identity secure from identity thieves but also saves your user time they spend during website authentication.

single sign-on

What is Single Sign-On?

As the name suggests it is a technology that allows users to login dozens of websites of the same organization. That means if your online business has numbers of associated websites and users need to login on each to complete a particular task then instead of sign-in each of them they can login websites only by login to any of the related website. They are automatically logged-in to the rest associated websites.

Now the question is, How it will boost customer experience?

From the above,  we get a little bit idea about the awesome technology. Let me elaborate more. The only thing that customers demand is good service and product. By making the authentication simple and quick, the technology saves their effort and time. The most important benefit of SSO for users is they do not have to create individual username and password for each website. One username and password is enough to login multiple websites as stated earlier. This saves users from remembering lots of passwords and usernames. No doubt, it improves their experience and increases the chances of customer retention.

That’s all for users, now from the business point of view,  single sign-on is very useful in providing easy and secure user login. The technology is highly secure and based on SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language). Keeping customer’s identity safe is one of the toughest jobs for businesses nowadays. But thanks to the single sign-on technology that keep it safe from data thieves. It also helps businesses to know their customers more deeply by providing reliable first-party user data. This data is very important for businesses to deliver services accordingly.

More the business know about their customers more they are able to provide better services to them. Single sign-on is a revolutionary method in this field.

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