Gmail hacks for increased productivity!

gmail hacks

Exchange of emails is our daily routine. Have you ever thought how much time you generally spend in that exchange procedure just to streamline your daily routine?

Yes, you merely gave it a single thought but it takes time and this time span gets stretched if your inbox is cluttered and not managed properly. So to save yourself some precious time, here are some of my Gmail hacks that I’ve learned along the way to level up my email game.

Add some Alias-based filters!

Please note and or are not 3 different gmail ids. It refers to a single email id since for Gmail dots and plus don’t matter. So you can see there is a chance of filtration using these aliases in your Gmail Id. Suppose you are signing up for a newsletter and want the response to store separately other than your personal folder. You can do this by signing up for that newsletter using any of the two aliases and with just few changes in your default settings you can keep the responses for this aliased gmail id in a different folder. In short you can send to “personal” and to “Business.”

Undo send feature!

So you accidently hit “send” button in mid-composition of an email. Well with this Gmail Lab you can recall your just sent message again and make the required changes. To enable this here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail Inbox.
  • Click to “Labs” and locate “Undo Send” feature.
  • Select “enable” and hit “Save changes”


  • Go to General tab again and locate Undo send feature here.
  • Here set the time limit for your cancellation period and save your changes.

Share your email load with others!

So let’s suppose you have around 10 freelances to work for your agency and email is the only way for them to do all the PR outreach thing, pitching content and responding to clients. But you want all outreach to be done from your account but don’t want to share your password with others. Here is a hack for this as well.

  • Go to the settings from the gear icon of upper right corner.
  • Select “Accounts and support”.
  • Find “Grant access to your account”.
  • Add their email.
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

And now others can use your email id without disturbing your privacy.

So you can see with just little exploration of your Gmail account you can save yourself a worthy of time and hassle. Try adopting these Gmail productivity hacks and keep sharing your tips and tricks with others.


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