How I rocket boosted by blog from zero to 1000 visitors per month


Just like every other blogger, I had a dream of starting my own blog. I am a fantasy enthusiast as well as technology geek.

Blogging as a hobby in return has many benefits. You get to know new things related to your interest, meet new like minded people, share knowledge. After few years of dedication, this hobby can return you huge respect in internet community and cash to continue forward your journey.


You can start blogging either by creating a blog on blogspot or wordpress.  I use self hosted wordpress.


Traffic is every blogger’s biggest concern, because less traffic leads death of websites. So in this post i will tell some of the tips to increase your website traffic, the way I did from zero to 1000 visitors per month, in a short period.



Social share plugin: I use wordpress, so for enabling sharing on my blog, I use these social sharing plugins . They are responsive, light in weight, supports wordpress multisite as well as 50+ sharing platforms.

I basically concentrate on Facebook, Twitter, google+, Vkontakte as my primary buttons.


Sharing plugin helps readers in sharing content on their social media profiles.

A content on social media gets visibility from profile followers, and if someone reshares that content, the visibility further increases.

This helps in increasing traffic, social media traffic on website.


Social Commenting: Social commenting is the best way to improve user experience on your blog. Traditionally users should have a account on your blog in-order to comment or have to fill details like first name, last name,  email, website to comment.


Social commenting is beneficial because it uses existing social media credentials to comment. Comment is visible to followers on their  profile, hence  their followers will get to know about their activity and may check it out too.


Content: Content is the king. In order to prove it as an ideal king you need to look for perfect keywords, to create your content on.

Using right keywords for your article increases relevancy of your article and helps it get ranked on search engines.

You can use Google keyword research or kwfinder to search for keywords for your blog posts.


These were some of the strategies which helped me in getting traffic on my blog. You too can implement them  and increase your blog traffic.


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