How quick is your response to the customer’s experience?

The arrival of digital age, combined with the 24/7 hours connectivity thanks to smartphones, it has become mandatory for businesses to listen to their customers and reply to their every single query, feedback, questions as well as complaints and the longer it takes to get a reply from you, the more frustrated your customer becomes.

How quick is your response to the customer's experience?

Regardless of the customer feedback you receive being positive or negative, you should have a standard response process that addresses every customer individually in a timely and efficient manner. Your specific business will dictate the appropriate time needed for responding. A good rule of thumb is to provide some kind of response within a 24 hour time frame, even if it is a statement telling the customer that you received their request and will be back in touch with more information soon.

The Online Business Advisor suggest, “Most customers will expect to have their requests responded to in a reasonable time frame. But what is reasonable? Believe it or not, responsiveness is a strategic issue and can be used to differentiate your business from your competitors. Therefore, the standards you establish for responding to all customer issues will determine the level of differentiation you achieve. And the consistency with which you are able to respond quickly will go a long ways toward determining how loyal your customers become.”

“A slow response to a customer complaint triggers fear and anger “, according to Brian Tracy and Mark Thompson, in their book, “Now…Build a Great Business”. Eric Jacobson, who writes on management and leadership, elaborates on this point by saying, “When that happens, the customer is afraid that he/she is going to be stuck with a product/service that doesn’t work and feels angry that he/she went ahead with the purchase in the first place.”

Here is a key 2014 customer experience statistic to remember:

  • 82% of consumers say the number one factor that leads to a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly.

Respond to your customers as well as you respond to your friends, family, coworkers, etc. If you already think that you do, try a test to check the pulse of your customer to your business. If no one is communicating or doing any business with you, look into and check your customer response time and focus on getting back to your customers more quickly.


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