How Single Sign-On Doubles User Experience?

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User experience” or UX – a word with a lot of meaning. Like we need oxygen to survive, similarly if a business wants to survive then UX is an important factor. If you have an online business then you need to pay special attention to the experience that you are offering to your users. The importance of user experience is more for online businesses because unlike normal businesses you do not know customers physical identities. Only thing you know about them is the digital identities that is provided by them while authenticating to the website. But it is not hundred percent real and accurate. Most of the time users fill fake information and also they use different ID’s to login to the websites. This misleads businesses in a wrong direction. That ultimately affects the user experience. Therefore, to improve user experience it is very important for a business to know about the customer.

Here I am going to explain how single sign-on method helps you to know about the real identity of a user and helps you to double user experience.

Single Sign-On is a method that troubleshoots the problem associated with the multiple website login of the same organization. User can login to the websites of a business using one ID credentials if the websites are deployed with single sign-on solution.

How it doubles user experience?

By eliminating the need of creating separate passwords and usernames for each website, it removes the fear of remembering passwords. Users only need one set of ID credentials. The solution saves users time by providing a simple and quick approach of website login. With just one click of the mouse user can login to dozens of associated websites. User can use his time knowing more about the  websites instead of login to website every time. SSO solution is also highly secured, it is considered as one of the best and safest user authentication method.

Thus we see that single sign-on is a  complete solution for a business that wants to keep users data secure, provide them an easy way of website login, saves their precious time and saves them from passwords. No doubt, all the factors definitely doubles user experience for the customers.

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