How SSO Will Improve Customer Experience?

Customers are the backbone of any successful business. The better you know your customers the more your business can grow. The digital age has given both small and big businesses an equal option to promote their brand. Nowadays a small business entity can easily compete with the big or giant brand. Today, more than the brand value, the experience that customers get is important. So businesses  are coming up with latest trends and technologies that improve their user experience and encourage customers to get involved more with their business.

As for online business, the website is the first point of contact with customers or visitors. It is very important for your business that customers spend a possible time on the website. Registration is an important factor in providing customer experience. Long, complicated and frustrating registration forms adversely affect customer experience and makes customers leave the website. Adding Single sign on solution can help your business from the situation, by allowing your customers to login by using their social media credentials like on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It  not only allows customers to explore single website but to the multiple web properties of the same organization.

Single Sign-On

The best example of Single Sign On is, when you sign in to any Google products like Gmail, you do not need to sign up separately to access Google+ or YouTube or Google Analytics or any other Google products. That means with the help of only single ID credential you can access multiple websites and applications of the same business.

The most important advantage of SSO is,  it saves customers time that they spend on different websites for login and it improves their experience. It makes easy for users to remember the single set of password for multiple websites instead of multiple sets of username and password for each website and applications. Thus SSO removes the password fatigue. Implementing SSO can also reduce help desk cost since it minimizes the chances of password reset requests. Therefore, from the business point of view, it is very profitable. SSO remarkably improves the security by limiting the chances of phishing.

With the help of  SSO solution, businesses can get the unified customer insights that are gaining from customer’s activities on different web properties. It helps business to analyze the customer’s interests, the time they spend on particular product, etc. Thus by analyzing customers activities and their preferences and choices, marketers can easily make their strategies accordingly. This will result in providing a better user experience and to generate more leads and sale to make more profit.

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