How to attract traffic for a fashion blog


There are tons of fashion blogs out there today- but just like anything awesome, there’s definitely room for more. In fact in upcoming time, having a blog may become a prerequisite for every person looking to join fashion industry as an influencer or consultant or just for temporary partnership purpose.  

A blog is a form of networking and influencing- a way to showcase yourself as a consultant or influencer and showing your real creativity in the fashion world.

In order for a blog to be fruitful, traffic is the key. Without traffic none of the possibilities will come true.

So let us explain the ways by which your fashion blog can attract traffic.

Start sharing

From the beginning start promoting your content to your family, friends, social media and as suggestions to strangers on internet. The bitter truth is that no one will read your initial content outside the people with whom you have share the content with.

Start circulating your content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Promote people to share your content from your blog using social media share buttons. Ask your friends to share it on their profiles so that your content reach to an audience apart from your influence.

Grow Your Readership

One of the factors which grows your readership is the content consistency. People will keep coming back if they know the right time of the new posts. With time and post regularity, people will get the post timings and automatically visit your site on the same time.

Another way of increasing your readership is by paying attention to popular events and see if there is something you can contribute by your blog. Picking up recent/hot topics and contributing to it will give to more visibility and readership. And if luckily your content land on first page of search, then it’s a jackpot.   

Implement SEO

SEO will boost your content’s visibility in search results. It not only ensures better ranking in search but also proper content readability for search engine bots.

Do on page SEO to make your blog search engine friendly, then use off page techniques to increase reachability and authority of your blog and it’s content.


These mentioned points will directly affect you in attracting more traffic. For any queries you can, you can share them below.

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