How to Decrease Bounce Rates on your site: 5 Insightful Tips


Bounce rates are one of the metrics which tell you how popular your site is, how many people visit your blog or website and stay there, how attractive and compelling site and content is to them.
If a visitor bounces, then there is a probability of him not finding what he was looking for or the page or site wasn’t user friendly.

Below we will be discussing some of the insightful tips for decreasing bounce rates.

  1. Quality Content: Every expert will tell about creating a quality content but it is up to the person writing on how resourceful content is with respect to topic. It is impossible to satisfy every visitor’s need, just like every customer in a supermarket, all have different requirements.
  2. Make it sharable: After writing a content, it is mandatory to provide a convenience for visitors to share that content. Social share plugins are one of the best ways to provide this functionality. Especially for wordpress social sharing is very easy, just search in plugin directory and install in one click. For other cms’s one has to manually download plugins and then upload it via admin panel.
  3. Attract the right audience: As I mentioned earlier, it is impossible to satisfy every visitor, so make sure you attract visitors which are most relevant to your website. With the help of keyword planner tool choose the right keywords for audience, while writing content. Don’t force too much of keywords as it might get you penalized.
  4. User Friendly Layout: Website design should be clean, with minimalistic ads and javascripts. Some of the webmasters fill every gap of website with content, which is relevant but makes website too much cluttered. It is a best practice to prioritise content based on searches and website.
  5. Website Loading Speed: If your website loads very slow then it is obvious of your visitors to leave without even looking at your site. Use compressed images, if possible use less of images, use text along with css animations instead of flash animations.

I hope these tips will help you in decreasing bounce rates of your website.

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