How to leverage Instagram for business!

There is no doubt on human’s capability of recalling imagery quickly as a wink and can you guess why? Because human brain is basically a large image processing center. It has been seen that people respond to images better than some 1000 words. So why not take advantage of this ability for businesses.

Instagram, also known as the biggest image sharing app has more than 700 million monthly active users and also has less competition and more engaged audience than other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. So you can see there lies a great opportunity for businesses to spread their popularity via images or videos that too without spending an enormous amount of money on paid advertising. Hence why delaying on this and establish an Instagram account for business by keeping following tips in mind!



How is your brand going to look like on Instagram!

Before starting, decide on some guidelines like How your brand is going to look like on Instagram. Decide what your goals are, target segments and capabilities. When starting on a campaign on Instagram make sure your posts speak your vision. Keep it consistent and they should all complement each other. You know one cool photo and then a stream of dodgy photos can affect your following badly.


Spread love!

You know the purpose of Instagram is to speak conversation. For a long term success on Instagram, first focus on your social proofing. For that you have to build a sense of legitimacy around your brand through likes, shares, tags and comments. So always make sure you post good images relevant to your business on your account and try to get as much likes as possible on each post you make.


Cross pollinate your content!

Cross pollinate means cross validating your feeds. In direct terms, whatever you post on your Instagram account, make sure you direct them to your other social media networks as well like Facebook and Twitter. This will widen your reach and you get an audience of diversified interests.  This cross pollination is an easy way to invite followers to your Instagram account and engage with them.


After all these you can reach out to your audience by adding relevant hashtags with your posts. So these are some initial steps to increase your popularity on Instagram. Always remember channeling subjective behavior into constructive strategy is the basis of social media. Hence begin with proper strategy here as well.


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