How to make a WordPress website social friendly the easy way


WordPress is one of the most used CMS by bloggers and web developers. It has emerged to become an all rounder CMS by perfectly fitting into mold of a blogging platform as well as web development platform.

Social friendly is the need of today. Most of the visitors on the internet are also on social media, one or other way, and demands social media integration to most of the things they access on the internet.


Integrating social media and WordPress platform is an easy task. It can be accomplished by WordPress social media plugins which are available for blogs as well as for websites.

Plugins help in extending functionality of website without manipulating existing codes on WordPress.Below are some such plugins which can help your WordPress website become social friendly.


OG Tags: OG tags are like meta tags but are limited to social media platforms only. Open graph meta tags allow you to control what content is shown when a page or post is shared on social media platforms.

Previously bloggers and website owners use to copy the link and paste it on social media platforms to generate a preview of the link. Preview of the link helps them detect appearance of the link shared which included title, description, and thumbnail of the link.

This way audience on social media can find link helpful because of use of proper details exclusive to the social media platform.

On WordPress, OG tags can be enabled by using a plugin, which then enables additional column on page and post page to include OG tag details on every page and post.  


Social Share: Social share helps visitors in sharing content on social media platforms. Most of the people prefer sharing content directly after reading and some people prefer sharing it first so that others can also read it and then they can discuss it.

Having social share buttons on social media platform helps visitors/readers to share content with just one click, and without any wait. Having share buttons also increase user experience.

Social Login: Social login is one of the famous ways which every website and blog are adopting to. Social login helps visitors to use their social media provider credentials to sign-up/sign-in on a third party website.

Using social login decreases chances of password resets and increase user experience on a website.


These are some of the tips to make your WordPress website social friendly.

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