How to Secure Online Resources From Cyber-Criminals?

It is very shocking but true that approximately fifty percent of online businesses have been breached within a span of 12 months. It is huge and really a matter that needs actions.

In the era of digitalization, we all are connected to the internet and have multiple online accounts and resources. Protecting your websites and online application must be your first priority. Cyber attackers are everywhere and loosely secured websites are their easy target. Most of the cybercrime happen without anyone even knowing.

Below there are some of the effective tips that I suggest you implement in order to protect your online applications and websites.

Take regular backup

Whether you are performing any updates or adding custom codes, taking backup of them is very important. The backup content helps you in repairing the website quickly during a disaster.

There are many ways to create a backup. Many people use applications like FileZilla to copy all the web content to the computer system. If you have a WordPress website, you can install a plugin named UpdraftPlus which automatically backup database.

Don’t underestimate the power of two-factor

Adding extra security layer is always beneficial. Two-factor or two layer authentication is one such way which adds an extra layer of security while authenticating to a website.

Many big names such as Google, Instagram, Twitter etc. are already providing the option of 2FA to their users. To get access to the resources that are protected with 2FA, users have to prove their identity twice. At first level, they have to provide their credentials and at the next stage, they have to either prove their biological identity or to provide some secret token number that has been sent on their mobile phone.

Regularly update core files

Outdated applications are like the door open for hackers because it leaves website open. Therefore, it is must to update core file on the regular basis.

Use good coding practices

No matter whether you are adding codes to a content management system or building a website from the scratch, writing a good code is the best practice. There are lots of shortcuts to deliver certain results that you are planning to include on your website but it actually leave your website open to attack.

Friends, these are some of the best practices that I am using to protect my website and online applications. What are the methods you are using? Let me know in the comment section below.

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