How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines


We form an opinion about emails on the behalf of their subject lines. We easily decide which emails we need to open and which emails we need not to. Or it can be said that we open emails which attract our attention with their awesome email subject lines. Hence, it can be said that emails subject lines are a very necessary part of email structure. Well, it’ always said that “ the first impression is the best impression”. So, here are 5 tips to improve your very first impression in front of your business prospects. Write the best email subject lines for your prospects!

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Keep it Crisp

Making it crisp means making your subject lines short and to the point. Also, make a habit to form subject lines by keeping mobile devices in mind as 40% of emails nowadays are opened via mobile devices. Keeping the characters restricted to 50 will be a good strategy to begin. It will certainly improve your email open rates. Moreover, try to remove “newsletter” from your subject lines.


Use Familiar Name to End Mails

Refrain from using “” as they never look friendly enough or personalized to improve your open rates. So, it is recommended to improve your subject lines by adding some familiar names in your subject lines. This will help to befriend your prospects and encourage them to open your emails.


Add your Client’s Name

It is a good strategy to add your client’s name in your subject line as it will again give you an upper hand by improving personalization and inspire them to open emails. An example to clear things – “Mary, a gift for your long term relationship”

You can also add location to create more personal subject lines. But, always maintain the fine line and never get too personal.


Segmentize your Lists

Another step to increase personalization is to segmentize your offers and lists according to your customer’s choices. Hence, what you need to do is collecting as much information about your customers as you can. Thus, now you will be more aware of your customer’s choices and will be able to cater them better.


Be Honest with your Customers

Last but not the least, always maintain a good relationship with your customer as it will lead to increase the loyalty of your customers towards you and thus, gradually improve your open rates.


That’s all folks. The rules of email marketing keep on changing but the base remains the same. Always stick these to these 5 points and work hard. You will never lose a customer in your business.


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