Mozilla in SFD Leyte

During this year’s celebration of Software Freedom Day in Leyte, Philippines which was organized by League of IT Enthusiasts-LEYTE, we talked about Mozilla. Three Mozilla-related topics were discussed: Introduction to Mozilla, Selenium IDE and Firebug.

Mozilla in SFD Leyte

I delivered Introduction to Mozilla after my co-organizer talked about Introduction to FOSS in our opening circle. I started the talk with a video presentation titled The Mozilla Story. After that, I introduced short overview of Mozilla products: Firefox, Firefox OS, Mozilla Marketplace, Thunderbird and Mozilla Webmaker. Also an overview of Bugzilla and Firebug.

We have 2 tracks after our opening circle. I started the first track with “Selenium IDE” topic. Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts, built as a Firefox extension. I demonstrated how to install Selenium IDE. One thing I like with this tool is its recording capability.

On the other track, my co-organizer introduced Firebug. Firebug is an awesome debugging tool for web developers. It can inspect HTML, CSS and Javascript codes. It can also monitor web requests.
We ended the SFD celebration in giving the swags from Mozilla to our participants. Thanks to Mozilla Philippines.

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