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Tips n tricks to follow for beginners to optimize wordpress website speed

Website Speed is one of the factors which decides traffic and conversion on a website. To be honest, wordpress is not optimized for speed but is very user friendly and customizable.  That what makes it very popular. In wordpress speed decreases with increase number of plugins and theme type. In initial stages, newbies do not face any difficulty while updating website but with time site becomes slow because of junk…


How to Secure Online Resources From Cyber-Criminals?

It is very shocking but true that approximately fifty percent of online businesses have been breached within a span of 12 months. It is huge and really a matter that needs actions. In the era of digitalization, we all are connected to the internet and have multiple online accounts and resources. Protecting your websites and online application must be your first priority. Cyber attackers are everywhere and loosely secured websites…


How to leverage Instagram for business!

There is no doubt on human’s capability of recalling imagery quickly as a wink and can you guess why? Because human brain is basically a large image processing center. It has been seen that people respond to images better than some 1000 words. So why not take advantage of this ability for businesses. Instagram, also known as the biggest image sharing app has more than 700 million monthly active users…


How I rocket boosted by blog from zero to 1000 visitors per month

Just like every other blogger, I had a dream of starting my own blog. I am a fantasy enthusiast as well as technology geek. Blogging as a hobby in return has many benefits. You get to know new things related to your interest, meet new like minded people, share knowledge. After few years of dedication, this hobby can return you huge respect in internet community and cash to continue forward…


How Secure Is Two-Factor Authentication

SMS or OTP based two-step authentication is very common these days. We all are very familiar with the concept. Whenever we try to transfer money via net banking, we receive an OTP that we need to enter to complete the transaction. This is a very common example of two-factor authentication or 2FA. The solution adds up an additional security layer over a password. The sectors like banks, insurance, and finance…


How to protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers?

Facebook is one of the most important social media platform. There are billions of accounts associated with Facebook. So, it is a big hub for data thieves where they can find data details of millions of people. They always looking for an opportunity to steal data from the Facebook. Therefore, keeping Facebook account safe is very important for us. Here is an interesting infographics which shows how hackers are trying…


Best SEO blogs: Top sources to stay up to date!

To always stay ahead of your competitor, it is essential to know what they are doing, what marketing trends they are following, what new strategies they are implementing and many other such things. Internet is full of such trends and all it requires is a skillful hand in research to stay up to date with these latest market updates. But wait, how about we provide you a list of all…