Reddit tips to encourage more traffic to your Blogs!

Reddit is the one of the best and fastest growing social platforms of all time yet few people are get the best out of this social platform. The elevated snarkiness, non-delivering OPs and other rules gives many users a chance to leave my favorite platform for marketing my brand. Well, it can be your favorite ground for marketing your goods. Want to know how? Here are some simple rules which when followed can master you in the subject of “How to get traffic from Reddit?”


Turn your Collection of Images into Slideshow

Gather the collection of images you have about a topic and turn the whole thing into a slideshow. Just add “p” into the URL and it into your subreddit. Example:-


Put your content in the appropriate subreddit

Always remember to place or supply your content to the right subreddit. Do not even think of putting it on subreddit which you are not sure of. Search for the subreddit for your content diligently. And when you find that subreddit, just go with it and enjoy the increment in the number of karmas on your profile.



And there is more to it. Subscribe your favorite subreddits and follow them to know the latest trends in the content in your niche. So click on the massive subscribe button you find on your favorite subreddit. Later, you can also edit your list of subscriptions if you get bored of a particular subreddit.


Value the community and contribute to it

Be serious about what you post on your subreddit. Do research before posting anything on subreddit to check whether it is already present there or not. Moreover, be interactive on reddit. Comment, downvote or upvote on relevant content and also always share relevant content on Reddit. However, wandering in your subreddit, take time to read the rules of the subreddit as the rules are  different for each subreddit. You can read the rules which are placed at the right side of your screen.


Increase your Karma as fast as possible

As soon as you reach a mark on number of karmas in Reddit, the social platform will recognize you in a better way. So, to enhance your experience on Reddit, you need to quickly increase your number of karmas in Reddit. Well, there are two types of Karma:- Comment Karma and Post Karma.


Some free tools to enhance your Reddit’s experience are Reddit Later, Reddit Insight, and Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Reddit is a great platform as soon as you learn to decode its signals and will prove itself to be an awesome platform for marketing yourself or your organization.


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