What you need to know about retro and country design in home decorating

You may think that country and retro designs have faded into oblivion. Many improvement and renovation shows during the early 2000’s devoted a lot of time into removing and updating those two looks, however retro design and country design are still beautiful aesthetics in the home. To get a look that is less dated and more stylish the key is doing it right. It means having a proper balance and the integration of new and classic details. So why would you want to do these looks? Well in some cases it makes good and practical sense to embrace these looks.

What you need to know about retro and country design in home decorating

Mid century homes can cost a fortune to renovate because the design and materials used in that time frame are very identifiable and specific. You can spend a great deal removing or covering these elements or you can embrace them and bring them into the current times by applying the same design principles using modern décor. Straight lines, steam-lined furnishings, mixing compatible old and new through texture, color and shape all can help you create a contemporary space that has all the style and flair for which the home was intended. Still love the shabby chic look?

Most of the people when think about retro theme, bold colors, intricate patterns and general over the top design strikes in their  mind. You don’t want that over the top look, do you? To make it look elegant, you have to find out the right pattern. From designer king size flat sheets to curtains, you need to add that vintage feel with every color, design and pattern to accentuate the retro look.

Older homes, whether it’s a Victorian home or country farmhouse can also embrace the style and era of design by integrating new and old. The key is to maintain the “feel” of the home, and find compatible ‘like” items. Compatible items can be reproductions, or similar in shape, design/texture and/or color. Older homes especially fair well when you stick to classic over trendy elements. However, even that can work if you do a little research and help to define your own style in the process.

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