Securing customer data on your website

Security has been a major concern for anyone who has been using internet. Wide usage of internet has given people access to vast horizon of things to do over internet like sharing, creating, collaborating and connecting.

For a website, security is essential so as to protect data associated with company, enterprise or individual. Data leak cost companies between $375 and $575 billion, annually. This number is expected to grow as online information stealing expands with increased Internet use.

One of the most important data is customer’s data and is considered as a gold mine for data thieves. Customers data can be used by anyone, whether they are a corporate or an individual.

So it makes security the no 1 priority for webmasters.

Below are some of the tips which you can implement to secure customer identities on your website

  1. Update: Countless websites get compromised daily because of outdated software. For webmasters using CMS’s it is very easy to update a cms, via dashboard. It is very essential to update a plugin or cms as soon as a update rolls out. Hacking today has become a automated process. There are automated bots sneaking for outdated cms’s and plugins in order to exploit them.
  2. Identity as a Service: It helps in managing your customer registrations. It being a separate module to website, running independently, will have no effect if the website is compromised. No customer registration data is compromised. For authentication it offers traditional login and social login, offering choice to visitors and customers to authenticate they way they feel comfortable in.
  3. Install SSL: SSL does not stops against attacks and attempts. It encrypts communications between Point A and Point B, i.e. the website server and your web browser.  SSL now is important for 2 reasons, one is that google has started upvoting sites which are using SSL certificates and second is that it prevents MITM (man in the middle attacks) attacks.

Adapting to these suggestions can help you secure customers data on your website.

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