Single Customer View- Why It Is Needed

Users are very smart today. On the daily basis, they access various websites and other applications through different devices and from various locations. So, it is very hard for marketers to get an idea about the real identity of users. Now the question arises here, Is it possible for marketers to achieve single customer view(SCV)? Or if the answer is yes then how? What are methods that help marketers to know single view of their customers? Well, before explaining the way I would like to introduce you to the concept of Single customer view and why marketers need it.

What is single customer view?

The above-mentioned image clearly explains the concept of single customer view. From the picture we can state that SCV is the collection of a user data that is driven from number of sources and from day to day activities online. In simple words, it is a unified view of the customer. But This it gets difficult to get SCV when the customer uses both email and social media accounts to login to a website. And it is the responsibility of marketers to provide customer a unified experience which requires SCV.

What are methods to get it?

Most of the marketers agree that SCV is important to offer personalized services to users. It is the key element for the success of marketing efforts. But according to the latest report by Econsultancy, only 20 percent of businesses are able to achieve this.  

One of the ways to get SCV is collaboration. Yes, collaboration across businesses of the same niche. This helps marketers to share information about users and customers. cIAM or customer identity management platform is a solution that helps marketers to get deep insights of their  users. But the process is very hectic. Marketers have to depend on other businesses.

The other method is implementing Single sign-on solution. No matter, through which platform or device they are logged-in, single sign-on provides single view of the customers to the businesses.

Why SCV is important?

Businesses who know their customers well, can make sales oriented policies. They can understand the needs and demands of customers in a better way and provide services accordingly. Therefore, to boost sale, having a unified or single view of customers is must.

Now a days SCV is no more nice to have but must to have for businesses. Customers like personalized experience no matter which touchpoints marketers are using. So, businesses must focus on methods that help them to get single customer view.

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