Single Sign-On: How It Saves Time?

If someone asks me what is the most precious thing for you? My answer will be “Time” and why not, you can gain everything you lost but not time, once it passed it never comes back unless you have a time machine. But unfortunately there is no such machine exists till now.  So you have to manage your time wisely.

time management

Okay, now I am going to ask you a question. How your users login to your business website? By filling the whole registration form or by verifying through email? No matter either it is by registration form or email verification, if you are using these methods still, then you are promoting your business towards extinction yourself.

Want to know why?  The reason is simple,  filling long registration form means users have to waste their precious time. In addition, long forms lead them to frustration. And who wants to waste his time? Hope no one. But if I think from your point of view, registration forms help you to drive information about the users and customers. Yes, it is important to know about the users to make marketing  policies. But the approach that you are using is outdated and very frustrating. Now the time has arrived to look for some alternatives. You need to provide an easy and time-saving way of web login.

But what are the ways? I know you are very excited to know how you can provide an easy and quick login to your users. I am here to help you out, I am going to explain two such great techniques that not only help your users to login quickly but also drives first-party and safe data for your business.

Start with the first and impressive method of user web login, it is social sign-in. How, if your users are using their social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. to login to your business website instead of filling forms? Sounds great, Right? Implementing social sign-in makes it possible. With the help of this method, users can login to your website using their existing media accounts in just a single click of the mouse. The approach is safe and saves users time. In return, it provides reliable user data to the business.

Single sign-on(SSO) method is an another approach of web login. Suppose you have dozens of websites and right now your users are using separate credentials for each of your websites. This cost them a lot time on web login. Now think of a situation where users can login to all the websites of your business using single set of credentials by logging-in any of the related website. Now, you might be thinking how it is possible? But, SSO makes it possible.

By allowing users to login to many websites of the same organization using only one set of username and password, it saves not only users time but also encourage them to explore more content of the websites.


So, friends, hope you enjoyed the article and definitely going to implement the methods I mentioned that save users time. If you have any query or question in your mind, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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