Some advantages of using Google Authenticator App!

In the age of digital revolution, everyone is witnessing several ups and downs in terms of IT security. Everyday there is a security breach and making a big headline in newspapers. But don’t worry, organizations have also prepared themselves to protect their customer’s data. They are introducing new solutions that can save them from fraudsters. Two factor authentication also known as 2 step verification is also one of them.

Big companies have their own 2FA solutions, but there are also multiple apps to help them out. Google Authenticator app is in air from past few years and making two factor authentication an easy way to opt. But if you are not familiar of two step authentication, here is a brief explanation of what it is:


2 step verification is a second layer of protection to your account. In laymen terms, when you log into your account, you simply enter your username and password to get access to your account but if have enabled two factor authentication there is one more step of authentication. This second step of authentication sends an OTP or an email Id to your registered mobile number or email Id to validate your access.


You can get this one time password either by a SMS or an authenticator app that we are going to discuss further. Here are some advantages of using Google authenticator app for the purpose of two factor authentication.


It works within the periphery of a secure box:


Receiving codes via SMS is not that secure as an authenticator app. Since some apps of your phone have access to your SMS, they might take an advantage of these OTPs. Unlike these apps, Google authenticator app works independently and makes sure that no other app can see your codes.


It generates new code in every 60 second:


Generally a code sent by sms has a life time of 30 minutes. An OTP with such a longer life period can be stolen by someone else and is a big threat for your personal details. In contrast with these codes, Google authenticator app generates time based one time passwords and generates a new password after every 60 seconds.


It works without network or internet coverage :


This is I think the most fascinating thing about Google authenticator app that it doesn’t need any kind of network connection or internet connectivity. So if your phone goes out of network for any reason, you’ll lose connectivity but that doesn’t mean you will not be able to have OTPs.


So these are some most common benefits of having google authenticator app installed in your smartphones.

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