Some incredibly useful things that you can do with Google search Bar!

Most of us consider Google as a mere search engine. You just land on its home page, type in your search terms and voila- you get the results. But have you ever thought what capabilities it holds behind its simple and plain interface?

google search

Today Google is your teacher, assistant, knowledge archive and I don’t know what more than a simple search engine. Basically, it collects data from all over the internet and then looks for the meaningful information and use that information later on to benefit users with the most appropriate and relevant search results. Apart from all these, It holds a lot of tricks and special features to make your searches better and fruitful. So let’s have a look at some of these Google search bar tricks.


Find the meaning of the words that you don’t understand!

Now don’t be afraid of long words, since Google has a hack for you. No No No! Here I am not talking about an online dictionary where you need to copy paste that word. Instead, Just type in define: “term you want to search” and boom- the translation is in front of you.


Google search by voice option!

Voice searches are also available on Google now. Just click on the the microphone button and speak whatever you want to search to the Google and It will show you the related results.


Search when you forget some words or letters!

So you are trying to recall a movie name but don’t remember the full name of the movie. Just give some hints to Google and you will get your results. You can use asterisk(*) wildcard character at the places you forget words or letter and Google will show all the possible results for such search query.


Find specific files!

When you want to filter your search results with some specific filetype extension then Google’s filetype keyword is there to serve the purpose. Suppose you want to look only for ppts as a result of your search query then type “filetype: pptx SEO On page ”. This will give you a list of ppts for seo on page. Give it a try!


Find Similar websites!

So you got a website on internet that you find really interesting and want to search for more such sites. Google has a keyword for this as well. Just type “related:” in the Google search bar and you will find a big list of websites similar to one that you typed in.


So these are some of the handful tips that Google holds for us. Let me know what you feel about them in the comment box below.


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