Some advantages of using Google Authenticator App!

August 4, 2017

In the age of digital revolution, everyone is witnessing several ups and downs in terms of IT security. Everyday there is a security breach and making a big headline in newspapers. But don’t worry, organizations have also prepared themselves to protect their customer’s data. They are introducing new solutions that can save them from fraudsters. Two factor authentication also known as 2 step verification is also one of them. Big…


Two factor authentication: An effective supplement to passwords!

July 31, 2017

After so many efforts of security industry to educate people about the weakness of password authentication, awareness is still not as expected. According to a data breach report by Verizon, a weak, default or stolen password was the reason behind 63% of confirmed data breaches last year. It has also been observed that 73% of online accounts are guarded by duplicated passwords. Having a duplicate password is as bad as…


How to Secure Online Resources From Cyber-Criminals?

June 21, 2017

It is very shocking but true that approximately fifty percent of online businesses have been breached within a span of 12 months. It is huge and really a matter that needs actions. In the era of digitalization, we all are connected to the internet and have multiple online accounts and resources. Protecting your websites and online application must be your first priority. Cyber attackers are everywhere and loosely secured websites…


How Secure Is Two-Factor Authentication

May 30, 2017

SMS or OTP based two-step authentication is very common these days. We all are very familiar with the concept. Whenever we try to transfer money via net banking, we receive an OTP that we need to enter to complete the transaction. This is a very common example of two-factor authentication or 2FA. The solution adds up an additional security layer over a password. The sectors like banks, insurance, and finance…