TextFree with Voice Now Allows Group Texting

Pinger has done it again.  Now, users can text messages using a unique number from an iPhone, iPod touch or Android device and send texts to more than one user at a time.  Called group texting, this feature is common to many texting plans for regular phones.  The feature has been an enhancement request for users and Pinger has delivered on that request.

This is a great feature when you need to send the same message to a group of people or greet family members. Currently, there is a limit of five users that can be included.  This, along with the ability to receive incoming voice calls for free makes Textfree a great option for iPod touch users and others that do not want to pay for texting plans.


Upload Pictures with Texts and Chat on Facebook

Pinger has also powered up Text free to enable the sending of pictures in text messages, saving data transmission costs.  In addition, Pinger will now allow users to chat directly to Facebook friends.

Coupled with the ability to send and receive texts from a dedicated phone line, these options make it compelling to use Textfree instead of an SMS service offered by the data carrier of phone networks.

Efficiency of Group Texting

The 4.3 release of Textfree with voice was introduced on March 19, 2011.  A great example of using group texting is for notifying parents or team members of last minute changes to a practice or game.  Many times, people may not be able to access their computers, or may be travelling when the notification needs to be sent.

With group texting, a team of 12 can quickly be notified of changes wherever they are.  Each user will be able to receive the message quickly, even while they are traveling.  Although there is a current limit of five numbers to text to, a previous message can be easily copied and sent to five more users.  Alerting team members to last minute cancellations or meeting changes is now more efficient than sending an email.


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