web sso: Advanced authentication and security for multiple websites


People are very concerned about security of their property like vehicle, home, phone etc. so why not concentrate on security of your websites.

Today data is a very precious thing on internet and anyone can cross extent to get it.

Mostly data include user credentials which are combination of username and password, sometimes it is email address and password.

Passwords are a layer between the resources and the user.  Websites which are in partnership or is governed under a same entity.

Here in this post I am going to discuss about web sso, about it and how it helps in improving security.

What is Web SSO?

Web SSO is a unique web authentication which allows users to use a single credential across multiple web domains which are SSO enabled under same SSO domain group.  

It can be implemented on any type of website and any number of website.

Web SSO can also support multiple authentication types and support single identity as well on those authentication type.  

It also reduces the number of credentials to remember. On non-SSO websites, users have to use different passwords for different websites, which can make them lethargic and make them lose interest.

Now let us talk about its security.

How secure web sso is?

Many people keep same credentials for many websites. It is because creating and remembering different credentials for all the websites is a hard task to do.

Since web sso reduces the number of passwords, user now only have one set of credential to remember.

This way user can create more stronger set of credential which is hard to crack.

Technically speaking, web sso is based on SAML which completely follows XML standard which is very secure.

It becomes a layer between the authorized user and the domain.

Once the user enters their credential, the detail is verified by local service provider. After getting validated, the user access the website. This process is same for other connected domains but there is a change. As another site starts to load, it check for pre authenticated session in local storage to verify any successful authentication.


This way web sso maintains security as well as helps in creating a seamless user flow  while transiting to multiple websites.

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