Why are Businesses Adopting Single Sign-On?

Do you know how your users are logging in to your business websites? Are they registering themselves by filling long forms or by email verification? No matter out of which way, both these methods are today outdated. It is very difficult for users to login to each of your website and verified themselves separately because the process is very long and frustrating. But the question is how businesses can avoid the situation and save their users? Single sign-on tool is the solution to all the questions. This method allows users to access multiple web services and applications of an organization using a username and password. That means they do not need to authenticate themselves again and again on each related website.

single sign-on, sso solution

Here are some reasons why businesses are adopting the technology at a faster rate.

Reduces help desk cost:

No doubt, SSO helps users to remember only one set of credentials but how it reduces help desk cost? According to a report by Gartner, around 50 percent of support calls are related to requests for password reset. Obviously, less password reset requests you have, less support help desk cost will get.

Improves User Experience:

Single sign-on (SSO) is designed to enhance the experience of users by making the complex web authentication process simple and quick.  A user-friendly website login is very important because it is the first place where the interaction between users and your website takes place. If you want that users to be your customers then it is very important to provide them the best experience from the beginning.

Boost Productivity:

If your users or employees have a number of passwords to remember and need to enter each time to access any web service, then it is natural for them to forget passwords. It reduces the productivity because users need to focus more on remembering passwords. By removing the fear of forgetting passwords, SSO technology improves user’s productivity. Now, they can focus more on their core work instead of remembering passwords.

These are some of the main reasons why implementing single sign-on is on high priority for businesses. After all providing great user experience, easy web login, making more profit  etc. are the ultimate goal of any business.


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