WordPress Dashboard customization: How to customize it like a pro


WordPress being a user friendly CMS offers a lot of customizations.  Dashboard customization is one of those customization which can be implemented in wordpress. There are several ways to customize wordpress dashboard but we will discuss the easiest of all.

Before getting into customization, lets discuss other horizons associated with the customization.

Why to customize wordpress Dashboard?

Well one of the major factor which every wordpress users has gone through is the interface.

WordPress has a clean dashboard. The default look is neat and has very less options in front.  This is one of the other reasons behind customizing the default dashboard look.

It is natural, default theme can bring out the boredom.

Another reason is the non-wordpress users. They are mostly the clients who hire freelancer or Company to get their website developed.

Clients find its interface complicated to use, so for them everything has to be customized in bring in front.
Let’s suppose the client is a news channel who has to add news every hour, so for them it would be hard and unproductive of using default dashboard.
This is why such clients are handed a custom dashboard.

Productivity is another factor which drives customization for dashboard. By bringing all important elements to front and hiding unnecessary elements increases productivity. With no distractions around, on can word efficiently.


How to customize wordpress dashboard?

By using a Admin theme you can customize wordpress admin dashboard to whichever way you like. Admin themes are specially developed for customizing dashboard from A to Z.

Below are several wordpress admin plugins which you can use to customize:

  • Slate
  • SHIFT Short
  • Tamed
  • Material
  • AG Custom Admin
  • Fancy Admin UI
  • Blue Admin
  • WP Admin Color Schemes
  • Slash Admin


WPShapere is one such WordPress admin dashboard theme that lets you customize the dashboard.

It offers following prominent features:

  • Unlimited color options + 16 pre-made Pro themes.
  • White Label Branding.
  • Hide, rename and sort admin menu items.
  • Privilege Users who can access to all menu items.
  • Manage and Create custom dashboard widgets.
  • Hide unwanted widgets from dashboard.
  • Manage Admin Bar elements.
  • Ability to add custom links to the admin bar.
  • White Label Emails.
  • Multi-site Network Support – Global option/Individual blog option.
  • Add custom css styles for login and admin pages


This is how you can customize wordpress dashboard like a pro. For any doubts, you can comment below.

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